Total UV Protection Window Films – Peerless UV400 Series

We utilize one of the world’s leading UV400 Nano-Ceramic Technology to produce our films. By using high temperatures in the manufacturing process, we are able to increase the formation of Nano-size Inorganic Materials such as zinc oxide, titanium oxide and other sunscreen factors. By achieving a selective screening process for the ultraviolet spectrum, it is able to block Infrared heat and ultraviolet rays in multiple layers.

Metals are conductive and have oxidative properties, and any type of metallized film will interfere with electromagnetic waves and shielding. An effective Skin Care film uses Nano-Ceramic Technology, ensuring long lasting high heat rejection. Without any metallic materials in the film, it will not interfere with GPS signals nor will it have any oxidization damage.

Our films are created using special inorganic materials and UV400 materials, ensuring the stability of the film’s molecular structure. This allows the film to perform better, without any fading issues. With our 8 years warranty, we assure you that the film’s quality and performance will be maintained throughout its lifetime.

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